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Peredo Dos Castelhanos

Peredo dos Castelhanos, is a village of Torre de Moncorvo, located in the Douro Superior region.

In front of Foz do Côa, the lands of Peredo are surrounded on the right bank by the Douro river for about 8km, in one of the rare places where the water flows in the north direction. Along with the Arroio, a small watercourse, we have the delimitation of the northern perimeter of the village, providing guidance for the vineyards also to the north, an unusual situation on the right bank of the Douro.

Nature's generosity thus allowed us to have exhibitions on the four geographical quadrants in Peredo dos Castelhanos, between the elevations, 125 along the Douro River, and the elevation 500, where the village plateau is located and the beautiful landscapes of the Douro Valley.